RCI Online Points Conversion Tool

With RCI® Online Points Conversion Tool, introducing your owners and prospects to the benefits of RCI Points® subscribing membership just got easier.undefined

Now, you can allow your owners to explore and learn about RCI Points membership at their own pace, with an interactive online tool that allows you to reach even owners who never return to your property. Through RCI Online Points Conversion Tool, you send the invitation to your owner, create a custom link for them to learn how an RCI Points membership would benefit them based on their current ownership, and send a powerful call to action for them to request more information or convert their membership to RCI Points through your sales team.

Converting your existing owners from RCI Weeks® memberships to RCI Points memberships helps keep your owner base engaged by allowing them to use their timeshare to travel the way they want to travel - short stays with more flexible use options and greater transparency. And it also provides your sales team with additional "upgrade" opportunities as well as providing a great story to tell to your existing owner base.



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