RCI Inventory Analytics Advisory

As an RCI affiliate, you have an exclusive opportunity to help maximize inventory value and boost revenue from historically non-productive weeks. Through the RCI Inventory Analytics Advisory® service, RCI combines years of experience with award-winning revenue management capabilities to deliver a precise mix of insights, analytics and tools specifically designed for the Vacation Ownership industry.

By working with our team, you can help:

  • Grow revenue and occupancy
  • Increase efficiencies of inventory utilization processes
  • Enhance reporting, forecasting and tracking, pricing and yield management capabilities
  • Improve customer satisfaction via prediction of consumer behavior and optimization of supply-demand alignment
  • Offer on-going training to in-house inventory management staff in revenue management practices

The solution that's right for you

RCI offers three levels of service; pick the one that’s right for you:

  • Diagnostic Report: Short-term assessment and consulting. RCI will gather data and provide a full diagnostic report, providing insight into existing inventory process evaluation and identifying areas of opportunity for improvement in key performance metrics.
  • Inventory Management: Ongoing consulting. RCI can assist you in creating strategies and solutions specifically suited to your organization and your business goals. We will then follow up with ongoing reporting and guidance to help you monitor your program’s effectiveness.
  • Distribution and Revenue Management Outsourcing: Full-service inventory management. RCI manages all inventory distribution to online booking websites and handles revenue management planning and implementation. Let RCI do the heavy lifting.