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Levitin Learning believes training is a process, not an event. To be effective, training and development must be ongoing, interactive and build upon a progressive level of skills. Their training staff can structure an annual training plan for you and work with you to achieve higher performance, increased motivation and reduced turnover. Together, Levitin Learning can help you nurture a culture of learning and growth.undefined

With Levitin Learning and their new state of the art, interactive platform, it is easy to select from a variety of courses, or even create custom courses, to fit the specific needs of your organization. Whether you’re working with new hires, veteran sales professionals, marketing teams, or leaders, a Levitin Learning specialist can help you determine which course or set of courses and delivery method will give you the absolute best return on your training investment.

One Platform. Endless Opportunities:

  • Endless Use Cases: Applicants, on-boarding, customer relations, product knowledge, sales training, motivation, compliance, certifications…
  • Engage – Turn passive users into engaged students
  • Retain – Add testing, increase retention and value (variety of testing formats)
  • Track – Measure performance and activity within the platform
  • Enhance – Follow-up on live training events, post-event support, accountability
  • Reduce Costs – Limit live training events – film it once, offer it 24/7
  • Convert – Leverage existing training materials (videotape, DVD, manuals, and webinars)

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