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IMPACTenergy is a pioneer in maximizing energy efficiency for the hospitality industry, delivering high-performance solutions for new and existing buildings.

How Can We Help?

IMPACTenergy partners with you from beginning to end, from helping you understand where to start, to guiding you through efficiency improvements.

IMPACTenergy provides a wide range of services and products:


  • Commercial Energy Audits
  • Capital Reserve Studies
  • LEED and ENERGY STAR Consulting
  • Lighting Audit and Lighting Design
  • Recommissioning


  • Energy Controls
  • Energy & Utility Management Software
  • LED Lighting
  • Lighting Controls


  • Experienced. IMPACTenergy is a team of expert energy engineers and designers. That combined expertise can help you improve energy efficiency and enhance guest comfort.
  • Cost-Effective. IMPACTenergy provides comprehensive solutions that deliver the best return on investment by reducing energy bills, incorporating rebates, and taking advantage of new technology. 
  • Flexible. IMPACTenergy meets you wherever you are on the path to energy efficiency, whether it is taking you through a full efficiency cycle or simply installing LED lights or Energy & Utility Management Software.
  • High Touch Approach. IMPACTenergy provides exceptional customer service and communication, with one point of contact, for all your energy-efficiency needs.
  • State-of-the-Art. IMPACTenergy keeps an eye on emerging technology to help you stay on the cutting edge of efficiency practices.

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*Products, services and information provided herein are provided by IMPACTenergy.