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Blackwell Recovery sets the new standard in the collections industry.  By providing third-party collections services that are truly innovative and game changing, Blackwell Recovery becomes your most reliable partner.undefined

Founded in 1988, Concord is a two-time winner of the American Resort Development Association’s ACE Innovator Award. The company services consumer loans with a strong emphasis on leveraging technology to obtain efficiency, accuracy and flexibility to respond to client needs. Concord has also demonstrated its capabilities in default debt collection, emerging as the clear leader in head-to-head competition with other collection agencies. Their creative solutions have been used by more than 2,020 projects and 610,000 consumer obligations with a portfolio size of $3 billion.

  • Innovative new tactics for debt recovery of severely delinquent accounts
  • Customized strategies based on the degree of default, tailored to fit your needs
  • Consumer-focused approaches that result in higher debt repayment
  • A guarantee that we will work every account
  • Responsive service, including extensive real-time reporting capabilities
  • Award-winning technology solutions
  • Data redundancy and integrity, with two off-site file storage locations
  • Account management transparency
  • Dedicated Compliance Officers
  • Multilingual, multicultural staff located in three offices

RESULTS: In head-to-head competition, Blackwell Recovery emerges as the clear winner.

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