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Energy efficient cycle: a case study
August 11, 2016

Courtesy of IMPACTenergy, an RCI Affiliate Access® vendors

IMPACTenergy stresses a continual cycle of improvement in approaching efforts to create and implement sustainability practices. But no matter where you are in the process, you can find opportunities to conserve energy, save money and create comfortable, sustainable experiences that your guests will enjoy.undefined
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In this case study, you can see how IMPACTenergy was able to identify a number of solutions that paid for themselves in annual savings and rebates. They did it in three steps:

  • Evaluate energy and utility information: dashboards, data loggers, energy and utility management software
  • Strategize efficiency opportunities: commercial energy audits, capital reserve study, lighting audit and design, recommissioning
  • Implement efficiency improvements: LED lighting, lighting controls, energy controls

In the end, the company realized approximately $14,000 in annual savings, paying for the various initiatives in less than three years.

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RCI® resort affiliates are invited to join RCI and IMPACTenergy for a 20-minute educational webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 17. The broadcast begins at noon EDT. Registration is free!

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About IMPACTenergy:

IMPACTenergy is a pioneer in maximizing energy efficiency for the hospitality industry, by creating new efficient buildings and retrofitting existing ones. The company uses the latest technology and partner with the most innovative hotel and timeshare brands, energy researchers, and manufacturers around the country, creating high impact change for clients as well as the planet.

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