RCI Points Entry

Even after almost 15 years, RCI Points® can still seem like a new idea to many timeshare owners, but with RCI® Points Entry, you can give them a chance to take RCI Points for a test drive.

RCI Points Entry allows your owners to vacation much as they would as RCI Points subscribing members – exchange, save or borrow Points*, book Extra Vacations Getaways and purchase Guest Certificates. And if you upgrade the owner to an RCI Points membership, any remaining Points will be automatically rolled into their new membership – at which point the owner can access the full range of RCI Points benefits including the RCI Points Partner program and Points for Deposit.


*Borrowing Points may not be allowed depending on the length of the Points Entry membership and the year in which the borrowing would take place. Certain restrictions may apply. Please see RCI Points Entry membership agreement for details.