Custom Incentives and Benefits Platform

To reach a wider range of buyers, you need a wider range of products and services. And through RCI's Custom Incentives and Benefits Platform, you can pull them all together into a seamless, professional online portal designed to keep your customers engaged, active and ready to purchase!

Using the custom platform, you can feature benefits as diverse as your own product offerings and prospects, and can leverage special product offerings from RCI or third-party vendors. Your prospects can view offers and plan their vacations through a single web portal. And the easy-to-use interface makes it simple for owners and prospects to stay engaged, track their program benefits and get the most out of their purchase — and potentially come back to buy again.

Through a single interface, you can pull together features, benefits and offers from various sources and providers and present them in a way that gives your sales efforts polish, consistency and credibility. Walk your prospects through the site, register them at point of sale and get them engaged from their first day! Here are a few components you can offer either as standalone products or bundled for premium vacation benefit packages!