RCI Affiliate Access Partners - PRA System

The PRA System is the only reserve management software in which all reports are based on monthly calculations opposed to annual calculations. PRA offers the only Cash Management module available for tracking individual financial instruments for accurate interest calculations. With a detailed Image Manger, Report Writer/Editor and Report Builder/Editor, complete reports can be produced in less than 30 minutes with custom headers, footers and automated table of contents. Save time and money when using the PRA System.undefined

There are many options available when it comes to reserve management and preparing reserve studies, but there are very few solutions...and only one comprehensive system.

The PRA System provides unparalleled benefits, whether you're managing a single property or hundreds, domestically or around the globe.

  • 50 years of industry/development experience
  • Internet based with access from anywhere
  • Real time updates
  • Eight tracking methods for custom planning
  • Initial property setups in hours instead of weeks
  • Manage multiple financial instruments
  • All State and AICPA required reporting
  • Quantity Purchasing reports for multiple properties
  • Easy and quick anytime updates
  • Warning system provides reserve items and cash instruments requiring updates

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