RCI Affiliate Access Partners - IMPACTenergy

IMPACTenergy is made up of passionate professionals who are committed to making buildings energy-efficient, promoting a more sustainable community. They help facility managers and building professionals make informed decisions to reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency and improve comfort and air quality.undefined

IMPACTenergy conducts energy studies to identify energy-saving opportunities, and then works with clients to implement energy- and cost-saving solutions, which also help resorts obtain various green certifications including: LEED, Energy Star, Green Globe and the ARDA Green Sustainable Program.

IMPACTenergy provides a wide range of services for helping customers “go green”, including:

  • Commercial Energy Audit
  • Recommissioning
  • Lighting Audit
  • LED Lighting Sales
  • Lighting Design
  • LEED and ENERGY STAR Consulting
  • Energy Advisor – Project Management

Benefits of working with IMPACTenergy

  • Expertise: Professional and highly trained staff with the ability to answer questions and deliver a clear picture of project at each milestone
  • Goal Oriented: Clear project objectives and timeline from assessment to implementation
  • Personalized: Exceptional customer service and communication with one point of contact
  • Savings: Provides comprehensive list of short-term and long-term solutions with ROI and potential rebates available for each recommendation  Seamless operation that speeds evaluation and implementation process

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