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RCI Asia Pacific celebrates the Independence Day of our Asian countries
August 23, 2019

August is a significant month to a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region. That is because Singapore (National Day, 9 August), South Korea (National Liberation Day of Korea, 15 August), Indonesia (Hari Kemerdekaan, 17 August) and Malaysia (Hari Merdeka, 31 August) all celebrate their independence this month.

As part of the celebrations, the RCI Asia Pacific office in Singapore had a live traditional ice-cream station wagon - an iconic sight in Singapore and certain parts of Malaysia - in the office premises. The ice cream seller, affectionately known as the “ice-cream uncle”, would ring a bell as he drove through neighborhoods to signal his arrival. The ice cream is then scooped and served in wafers, sandwiches or cups. RCI Asia Pacific Managing Director, Jonathan Mills, also joined in the fun as he gamely scooped and served associates with the ice cream treat.

RCI Asia Pacific Managing Director, Jonathan Mills, joins in the fun and serves ice cream to our associates

The RCI Asia Pacific associate welfare team, also known as the ICARE team, organized the ice cream treat as part of their monthly “Sweet Treats” initiative. Made up of associates from different functional departments, the diverse mix of the ICARE team ensures that every department is well represented. This facilitates ICARE members to better rally their colleagues in their functional teams to ensure that no associate feels left out.

Outside of monthly treats, the ICARE team also regularly organise “Be Well” activities such as yoga, rock-climbing and boxing, as well as team events such as Darts and Masterchef.

Introducing, the iconic Singapore Ice Cream Sandwich