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Introducing RCI LiveStream
July 15, 2015

In the current age of face-to-face communication technologies, when touchscreen technology is the new normal, such innovations inevitably make their way into the tool kits of timeshare sales agents.

Enter RCI® LiveStream.

With this new platform, agents can educate and upgrade existing owners as well as pitch to prospective owners face-to-face on any Internet-enabled device, with full video and audio, wherever they are in the world. But that's just the warm-up. RCI LiveStream is much more than a video call.

RCI LiveStream utilizes the latest technology to bring together all the tools, the information and the content we’ve been building over the past few years to help affiliates sell timeshare,” says Fiona Downing, RCI’s senior vice president of business development and operations, “and marrying that with the secret sauce—which is really the timeshare sales agent and their ability to sell the ownership dream by engaging the customer and creating that emotional connection.”

Agents can explain concepts simply and easily with the use of photos, videos and animations and can see the guest’s reaction to what they are seeing on-screen, just as if they were in the same room. The agent can access all the information they need with just the swipe of a finger and can decide what they want the customer to see on their screen. They can even keep notes on each interaction with a customer.

The content is fully customizable by the affiliate, which can add unique company and resort information. The App Bar, which runs across the bottom of the screen, is color-coded to assist the agent in the pitch sequence as defined by their sales leadership.

But RCI LiveStream isn’t just about closing the deal. “Our affiliated resorts can use this platform, really, for anything,” Downing says. “Whether they are in contact with the customer in person or on the telephone, they can use RCI LiveStream to become even more efficient.”

In addition, RCI LiveStream can be used to educate new members, resolve problems, collect maintenance fees and much more. With RCI LiveStream, agents can be located anywhere, so they can be available around the clock.

“Ultimately, we believe, this is going to give affiliates and their sales forces the opportunity to interact more with their customers,” Downing says. “They can widen their reach and maximize their resources because now customers don’t have to be sitting in front of them. This could be another game-changer for the timeshare industry.”

This article was originally published in the Q2 2015 issue of RCI Ventures® magazine. To view the original article, click here.